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Visualizing DCS

WHAT: Visualizing Demand Control Schema for Deaf Interpreters

WHEN: Sunday, December 8, 2019 from 6pm to 9pm EST

WHO: Deaf Interpreters and Hearing Interpreters who have experience working with Deaf Interpreters; prior knowledge of topic: some

WHERE: Online Zoom (link will be emailed once payment is completed)

CEUSs: .3 in Professional Studies

Workshop Description
This is a workshop is focused on all things related to Demand Control Schema, how it can apply to Deaf interpreters and give them tools to analyze their interpreting work.  The important component of this workshop is that it is a visual-based approach to understanding DCS and how it will aid the team dynamic.  Participants will better understand the specialized vocabulary associated with DCS and will have increased awareness about how to navigate discussions on DCS for upcoming jobs.

Educational Objectives
Participants will:
* Analyze the Conservative and Liberal decision-making scale by drawing their own model.
* Define the following vocabulary: Demand, Control, Schema and explain how they work together.
* Evaluate the four specialized vocabulary: Paralinguistic, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Environmental demands/controls and how schema aids them.
* Enact a case presentation discussion in pairs to identify the DCS and create various resolutions.
* Participate in a role-play with the instructor and apply the above concepts.

Presenter Biography
Regan Thibodeau, CDI, Ph.D. has taught various interpreting workshops and trainings since 2002.  She began teaching interpreting courses at the University of Southern Maine in 2014 to both Deaf and Hearing interpreters.  Currently, Regan resides in Maine with her family of 7, 3 of which are chihuahua pups!

This workshop is in conformance with local, state, provincial, and federal statutes regarding disabilities.  Activities and facilities shall be accessible to all individuals.

For accommodations and inquiries, e-mail us at: truebizasl (at)

Refund Policy
NO refunds will be given unless the presenter and/or TRUE-BIZ ASL cancels the workshop.

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