Other Services

We provide other services such as:

  • Coordinate and schedule interpreters for conferences and special events.
  • Coordinate and facilitate special programs such as ASL/Deaf Culture Immersion events.
  • Consultation on matters related to ASL, Interpreting, DeafBlind, Deaf advocacy, and the like.
  • Consultation on sign accuracy for presentations in addition to editing English text, i.e. PowerPoint.
  • DeafBlind accessibility to create resumes, basic websites and the like for DeafBlind consumers.
  • DeafBlind accessibility to provide transcripts for videos and image descriptions for pictures.
  • Translation from English to ASL and from ASL to English.

Please contact us to request our services by filling out the form below.  In the comment box, briefly explain what the need is and we will respond in 48 hours or less.