TRUE-BIZ ASL Interpreting Services

Interpreter Neutrality Workshop

WHAT: Interpreter Neutrality: Deconstructing the Myth

WHEN: Sunday, August 16, 2020 from 6pm to 8pm EST / 3pm to 5pm PST

WHO: For working interpreters and student interpreters; prior knowledge of topic: none

WHERE: Online Zoom (link will be emailed once payment is completed)

CEUs: .2 in Professional Studies (PS)

COST: $30 with CEUs/ACETs or $20 without

Workshop Description

The role of a sign language interpreter is a complicated one. We believe we are supposed to be neutral but is that reality? No matter how hard we try, our biases, prejudices, and filters do show through during our interpreting work. We are not invisible and are human beings and that is okay. Using Open Process techniques, we can recognize that we are visible and our boundaries will be fluid depending on the specifics of our work. As a result, the dynamics surrounding our interpreting work will dramatically improve. Most importantly, the connections we support between our deaf consumers and hearing consumers will be significant.

Educational Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Identify what the role of an interpreter entails and considerations for boundaries.
  2. Identify what soft skills are essential for interpreting.
  3. Discuss how to effectively use the Open Process approach in interpreting work.
  4. Discuss the role of team interpreters while they are in the  “off seat” in order to support more successful interpreted interactions.
  5. Identify how Cultural Meditation can be applied while using Open Process.
  6. Analyze how biases, prejudices, and filters impact our work.
  7. Formulate a plan on how to deconstruct the idea of neutrality.
  8. Assess steps to take for future interpreting jobs.

Presenter Biography

Rayne Depukat, NIC, RI: Rayne Depukat is a Nationally Certified American Sign Language/English interpreter (NIC), working primarily in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  She recently returned to New England from three years in Rochester, NY and has a BS in Sign Language Interpretation from The University of New Hampshire at Manchester. Rayne is currently a community freelancer and part time contractor with the Department of Mental Health in Massachusetts. She specializes in mental health and substance use interpreting and has specialized legal training for specific intersections of legal and mental health work, but also has enjoyed working in higher education, VRS, platform and general community work. Rayne mentors student and working interpreters and is trained in Peer Mentorship.She is passionate about open process interpreting, working with Deaf Interpreters, and working with marginalized populations. She believes that continued development of more rigorous ethical decision making skills in the field of interpreting is critical to our work.


Keri Brooks, M.Ed., CDI, ASLTA: Master: Originally from New England, Keri is a 4th generation Florida transplant.  She was born Deaf to hearing parents and she has a Deaf brother. Together the family used sign language as Keri was growing up. Since 2004, Keri has been teaching ASL and interpreting courses at various universities and colleges, in addition to providing workshops at the regional and national level. Currently, she is the Founding CEO of TRUE-BIZ ASL and most recently, Deaf Soul Yoga.  On the side, Keri works as a freelance Certified Deaf Interpreter specializing in DeafBlind interpreting, as an interviewer/rater for The ASLPI at Gallaudet University, and teaches several yoga classes each week. On a personal note, Keri and her partner, Sam, reside in Palm Harbor, Florida where they are raising their four children.


All workshops for TRUE-BIZ ASL are presented in ASL.  This workshop is in conformance with local, state, provincial, and federal statutes regarding disabilities.  Activities and facilities shall be accessible to all individuals.  For accommodations and inquiries, e-mail us at: truebizasl (at)

Refund Policy
NO refunds will be given unless the presenters and/or TRUE-BIZ ASL cancels the workshop.