Interpreting Services

We provide interpreting services nation-wide for all situations both on-site and via video (VRI). Need ASL-English, Tactile ASL, Pro-Tactile, International Sign, or Trilingual (ASL-English-Spanish) interpreting services? We got your back!

We provide comprehensive 5-month online training programs which offers a series of courses, totaling 40 hours, which both Deaf and hearing Interpreters need to complete in order to take the RID Knowledge Exam and Performance Exam. Our courses give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

Our all-Deaf staff consists of interpreters and instructors who are truly the best of the best, holding numerous credentials that reflect their fluency and expertise in ASL and interpreting. We are also a RID CMP Sponsor and can sponsor your workshop. Come learn with us and earn CEUs!

TRUE-BIZ ASL is an RID approved sponsor of continuing education activies: workshops, conferences, academic coursework, Independent Study, and Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRA).

Mind-blowing educational experience!

“Deaf Interpreting Training Online (DITO) offers excellent opportunity and convenience. Because the training is held online, I was able to participate from home with my son. Online training broadens my network. This is a place where you meet people you may have never met before. Because I am a self-motivator, self-discipline, and self-starter, this training fits me beautifully. DITO is the paramount option that does not require traveling, which is a huge benefit for many including myself. The courses were the most mind-blowing educational experience I’ve ever had.”

Christina V-D.

I wanted more!

“I wasn’t sure about taking this training based in the United States, being a Canadian citizen, but it was a great experience learning more about the United States. Many people suggested that I take this training because it is intensive, covering all topics required in order for me to prepare for becoming a Deaf Interpreter. It was cool to meet people from all over. The live sessions were every other Sunday which worked out perfectly since I was in school during the week. ASL is my 4th language after French, LSQ and English so it was a great experience to improve my ASL and learn about American Deaf culture while working collaboratively with the other DITO students. When the training was over, I was actually disappointed because I wanted more!”

Jonathan P-D.

I highly recommend DITO!

"DITO comes handy for a busy person who is always on the go, like myself. I highly recommend DITO for the busy digital-age folks.”

Libby L.